»The Bilingual Observer» is meant to be a passion project, first and foremost. Behind all of this is the person writing these words. My name is George Cunningham. I was born in NY to a Spanish housewife and a British UN economist, but I spent most of my childhood in Spain. I came to Madrid at age three and went back to NY when I was 18 to explore my roots and attend college, where I obtained a bachelor’s degree in Media Studies. After 14 years experiencing NY life, I came back to Spain in 2013.

I enjoy writing, film criticism and reading about psychology. I am also a confirmed news junkie with a keen interest in politics and entertainment. Recently, I completed a master’s degree in Digital Marketing and E-commerce and I’m currently trying my hand at blogging and storytelling. Here I pour in my thoughts on a wide range of topics that I care about– from relevant social issues laced with a psychological perspective to reflections on works of art and entertainment.

If you want to establish some type of colaboration — me writing an article for you or you promoting your business on my blog — please stay in touch.


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